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Knives are one of the most obvious self-defense weapons. It can scare off almost any attacker and if you do end up needing to use it, you can always depend on a knife. While it takes some training to fully understand the best ways to use a knife in a self-defense scenario, a well-trained knife user can scare away any threat.

What are the Different Types of Knives?
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We offer five different types of self defense knives weapons. Here’s a quick breakdown so you can better decide which is right for you.

Automatic Knives: What sets apart wholesale automatic knives from all other knives is the way they open. Wholesale Automatic Knives use a mechanism to automatically open when you press a button or pull a trigger. This allows you to quickly unsheathe your knife and have it ready for action at a moment’s notice.

Butterfly knives: A butterfly knife spreads open with two pieces of metal that form the handle. The way a butterfly knife opens allows it to be used in a wide variety of ways for self-defense. It offers versatility although it requires practice to effectively use.

Disguised Knives: Just as the name implies, disguised knives do not look like a knife. This offers a discrete knife you can hide in plain sight so it’s ready to use when you need it most.

Folding Knives: The standard survival knife, folding knives for self defense serve a wide range of purposes from a toothed portion of the blade for cutting rope to a sharp blade for multiple purposes.

Throwing Knives: Perfectly weighted, throwing knives use a specific weight balance to allow the blade to point forwards while in the air. These small knives are intended to be used from a distance and come in a variety of sizes.

Reasons Why Using a Knife for Self-Defense is Beneficial

In the dark alleys at night and even in broad daylight, the world can be cruel to some most of the time. This is especially the case with women, who find it hard to travel or go to many places alone.

Hence, this is one reason why many people try carrying self-defense tools or equipment along with them. While pepper spray is an efficient choice, do you know what else is?

Self-defense knives, of course! The word knives may seem daunting, but carrying it for self-defense is beneficial. Want to know why? This article covers just that.

Benefits of Using a Self-Defense Knife

While pepper spray is a great option to distract the attacker in a specific situation, it only helps for a standard amount of time. Gun, on the other hand, can be extreme for some, and its use is not everyone’s ball game.

This is one reason why self-defense knives are becoming so popular. Not only are these less lethal and easy to use, but they would give them enough time to save themselves. Here are all the benefits that come along with a self-defense knife.

1.   Knives are Easy to Buy

Unlike guns, knives are relatively easier to buy. While buying a gun would require you to gain a permit and license along with the ability to know how to make it work, the knife requires no such formalities.

There are several different types of knives available in the market, so you can choose the one that suits you the most easily.

2.   They are Easier to Conceal

Guns and pepper spray bottles can be vast, and many find them difficult to carry. Self-defense knives, on the other hand, are far easier to conceal. Several different folding knives are small and foldable, enabling them to fit safely in your pocket or bags.

Moreover, such knives can quickly be retreated and unfolded at times of need, making them far more beneficial.

3.   No Bystander Concerns

When compared to guns, knives are far safer, given the bystander concerns. This is because guns are only efficient when used by a regular being when his assailant is directly in the line of fire. Even then, the chances of an innocent bystander getting hurt are far more than we’d like to believe.

Knives, however, are used when the assailant is directly in front of the person defending. This one tactic makes it safe to use, gives off no bystander concerns, and keeps them safe from unintentionally getting hurt.

4.   Rarely Miss an Attack

If you are big on movies, you might have observed that the good guy never misses an attack, while the villain is bound to miss his shot. While we love it in movies when the good guy wins, never missing an attack for the good guy doesn’t work in real life.

Hence, one should always aim for an attacking tool that is beneficial in terms of never missing out. The self-defense knives are just that. Given their ability not to hurt bystanders while aiming for the assailant in close proximity, the self-defense knife is bound to benefit you.

5.   Will Never Go out of Ammunition

Another thing movies portray is that in the middle of the fight, at least one person’s gun ammunition runs out. While the attack strategy in movies might not be accurate, the ammunition portrayal for sure is.

A gun is bound to lose its ammunition at a point and can leave you in dangerous situations. On the other hand, a knife is always loaded and will never leave you astray. All you will have to do is pull it out, and your self-defense weapon will be all set to go into action.

6.   Little to No Practice is needed to Use it.

Several self-defense techniques require one to practice to perfection to carry them out efficiently. This means one needs a lot of practice before saving themselves in unwanted situations.

With respect to practice, Guns also need proper licensing and other formalities before they can be used in real life. Therefore, knives make the best option t be carried out when one needs to defend themselves.

This tool needs little to no practice before defending yourself and doesn’t require any licensing to carry it. Hence, this makes the tool a fantastic choice among your vast list of self-defense options.

7.   Chances of Lethal Force are Minimized 

Another important aspect one should consider before attacking is minimizing the force. While the situation calls for a kill or is killed criteria, the impact doesn’t have to such remorseful.

Hence, when fighting against your attacker, one should keep their force lethal yet minimized. The use of guns in self-defense cannot promise this. This is because the gun’s force, aim, and power, whether intentionally or unintentionally, lead to severe outcomes.

Knives, on the other hand, would offer a lethal force that will distract your attacker for sufficient time for you to save yourself without causing them life-taking harm.

Where can You Purchase the Best Self-Defense Knives?

Knowing all the exceptional benefits can make knives an excellent self-defense tool. We are sure you’d also be searching for a place that sells some fantastic self-defense knives.

Look no further because we’ve also got you covered on this aspect.

Self Defense Mall is a self-defense tool provider with all sorts of defense equipment you might need. The self-defense knives are the top product in our impressive list of options.

This service offers users various knives that come in covering and foldable forms. Hence, whatever you need, we have it all. Hop on to the website and search for our vast range of exceptional services.

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