Byrna SD Pepper Kit Orange
Byrna Pepper Gun

The Byrna Pepper Gun is an innovative self-defense product that provides users with a less-lethal option for protecting themselves. It combines the convenience of a pepper spray with the accuracy and range of a gun, allowing users to protect themselves from dangerous situations without resorting to lethal force.

The Byrna SD Pepper Gun Kit is also becoming increasingly popular among teachers, who are looking for ways to defend themselves in case of an active shooter situation. This kit provides them with a safe and effective way to protect their students while also giving them peace of mind.

For women looking for an effective self-defense tool, the Byrna Pepper Gun is the perfect choice. This kit contains a pepper gun that can shoot pepper spray up to 25 feet away, giving you a safe distance from any potential attacker. The kit also includes a holster and pepper spray refills, making it easy to carry and use in any situation. With its powerful yet less-lethal design, this pepper gun kit is an excellent choice for women’s self-defense.

The Byrna Pepper Gun is a great self-defense solution for anyone looking for a less-lethal option. It is designed to be used in schools, allowing teachers and staff to protect themselves without the risk of permanent injury or death. The kit includes a pepper gun that shoots pepper spray at up to 50 feet, allowing you to keep your distance while still defending yourself. It also comes with two magazines that hold 10 rounds each, giving you plenty of ammo for any situation. This kit is perfect for anyone looking for an effective way to protect themselves without resorting to deadly force.

  • Speed to take down targets with increased accuracy and reliability.

  • Honeycomb grip ensures comfortable and secure handling in any environment.

  • Improved sights allow for instant target detection and aiming accuracy.

  • Smooth trigger pull weight of 6.5 lbs provides consistent pressure throughout the shot cycle.

  • Ambidextrous switch makes it easy to use for both left and right handed individuals.

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