SABRE USA Compact Pepper Gel with Clip

Since 1975, SABRE has been family-owned and operated in the USA. SABRE pepper sprays are manufactured and shipped in the USA to provide consumers and police officers all over the world with American made personal safety products they know they can depend on.

The all-new USA Pepper Gel with Clip provides the protection you have come to trust from SABRE, now redesigned in red white and blue!

This pepper gel delivers maximum stopping power and confidence, as the heat level is guaranteed by SABRE’s in-house HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography lab), to provides maximum heat in every product.

The USA Pepper Gel is built to provide you with protection at a safe distance against multiple threats in a compact easy to carry canister. The optional clip gives you the flexibility to carry it on the go – with locking top safety to help prevent accidental discharge.

Protect yourself with SABRE & celebrate your patriotism with this USA Pepper Gel made by proud American workers!

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