SABRE is Proud to #Partner4Protection with The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Visit to learn more.

Health and well-being are concerns we all share. That’s why SABRE partners for protection with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since 2008, proceeds from our Pink Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm sales have helped fund life-saving prevention programs, making protection more accessible to women everywhere, every day. Visit to join the fight and help us fund life-saving treatment and preventative care.

With the National Breast Cancer Foundation as our #Partner4Protection, SABRE has been able to fund life-saving treatment and preventative care for over 16,000 women since 2008. When you shop SABRE Pink Pepper Spray and Personal Alarms, you’re not just looking out for the safety of yourself or someone you love. You’re also supporting an organization that works every day to defeat this disease. For every woman who’s safer, you’ll help more women get saved. So far, SABRE has donated over $1.82 million to the cause. Join us!


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