SABRE Dog Spray -- Health Canada Approved -- Professional Model with Flip Top

When man’s best friend turns aggressive, their bites can be the most severe. Being that 42 Canadians are bitten per hour, SABRE provides an excellent way to protect yourself and your pet at a safe distance.

Proven affective and registered by Health Canada, SABRE Dog Spray is environmentally friendly and safe to use.

SABRE Dog Spray causes temporary eye closure, loss of breath sensation while allowing you the ability to escape as it temporarily incapacitates the dangerous threat.

• The flip top firing mechanism provides for immediate deployment and prevents accidental discharge.
• SABRE is the #1 brand used by police worldwide, including Canada.
• Approximately 10-1 second bursts — heavy jet stream delivery to prevent wind blow back
• Great value — 3-year shelf life — doubles the industry average!
• Made in USA — ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
• 10 foot range — provides protection at a safe distance.


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