Pepper Spray vs. Wasp Spray Challenge: Get the Facts for Self-Defense

Wasp spray for self-defense – it’s the latest rumor in personal safety. Watch the video to find out how wasp spray is not nearly irritating enough to stop a goal-oriented attacker. In this video, a man gets sprayed with both wasp spray and SABRE 5.0 pepper spray before completing a set of tasks: find a $100 bill, hit a target with practice pepper spray and play dodgeball.

When the man gets sprayed with pepper spray, he is unable to complete the set of tasks. The pepper spray immobilizes him and causes him to fall to the ground due to extreme pain/massive eye irritation and eye closure. He expresses an urgent need to rinse the spray off right away. However, when he gets sprayed with wasp spray, he is able to perform them successfully.

“The irritation from the wasp spray was minimal at best. It didn’t stop me at all, and it definitely would not stop an aggressive attacker. I completed all the tasks set before me and was unaffected by it.”

When it comes to protecting yourself, get the facts and use a reliable product. When it comes to protecting yourself, get the facts and use a reliable product. If you’re looking for home defense solutions that work, shop SABRE pepper sprays for the home here & home security alarms here

Before creating this video, SABRE asked the eight biggest wasp spray manufacturers whether or not they recommended consumers use wasp spray for defense against a human attacker. The results were conclusive: All eight manufacturers indicated that they would not recommend using wasp spray for self-defense.

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