If They Only Had a Byrna: Multiple women become victims of random acts of violence

On this episode of “If They Only had a Byrna”… several women upload videos on a popular social media platform after being punched in the face by strangers in public.

Several women have come forward claiming they were assaulted by random strangers while out in public. At this time, one suspect has been apprehended but several are still at large.

While FBI data suggests that violent crime has decreased in previous years, several large cities have shown an uptick in both misdemeanor and felony assaults in recent months.

If they only had a byrna… these women may have been able to ward off possible attackers in by employing basic situational awareness tactics and a Byrna SD or LE. Even the presence of the less-lethal launcher may have been able to convince a would be assailant to think twice.

Remember, YOU are you’re own first responder, so be smart, be safe, and be prepared to defend.


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