How to Stay Safe on the Run - Running Safety Tips from Experts

November is Running Safety Month. With crime on the rise, SABRE invited experts to provide safety tips, self-defense tactics, and products to help runners stay safe in this Running Safety Webinar. During the webinar, you can expect to learn tips and tools to take with you on your run so you can go confidently.

Running safety products discussed:

Learn more about the speakers below:

Dr. Karen Bartuch is a marketing executive at a tech company in Chicago and an adjunct business professor. Prior to her corporate and academic career, she was a Chicago Police Officer for almost 10 years. She is passionate about personal protection for women and founded the non-profit organization, Women’s Tactical Association, while in law enforcement which was dedicated to tactical training for women. She is an avid weightlifter and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Follow Karen’s Instagram account at @drkarenbartuch.

David Heineman has been involved with Martial Arts for over 25 years, with extensive experience across multiple disciplines, including grappling, striking, and close-quarter combatives. Though he loves teaching and working with anyone, his true passion is working with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. David has spent years developing an effective women’s self-defense course constantly evolving and adapting. The ultimate goal is to turn you into a tough target. Follow David’s YouTube Channel @Stay Safe Martial Arts.

Amanda Brooks is a running coach and author with over a decade of experience helping runners have more fun, hit new goals, and remain injury free. With over 27,000 miles of running, she loves this sport and wants everyone to feel comfortable enjoying it at their pace. Learn more at Follow Amanda’s YouTube Channel at @Amanda RunToTheFinish.

About SABRE:
As the #1 personal safety brand trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide, SABRE’s mission is to educate and empower consumers to feel safer in their everyday lives. Whether protection is needed on the go, venturing out on a hike, running errands, or going for a run – SABRE wants to help you Make It Safe®, no matter where you go, what you do, or where life takes you. #MakeItSafe #PersonalSafetyIsPersonal


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