Former WWE Star Karlee Perez Turns to Byrna When the Cameras Go Off | Self Defense Mall

Former WWE Star and current Hollywood actress Karlee Perez is known for her no-nonsense toughness in the ring in front of an audience of adoring fans and television cameras sending her image across the world. Outside of the spotlight, Karlee isn’t much different having grown up as self-proclaimed tough-as-nails tom boy and even considered a life in law enforcement after studying criminology in college. But she admits she has had her fair share of unfortunate and dangerous encounters with people with bad intentions – a fact that has only increased with her fame.

After discovering Byrna, Karlee has felt a new level of self-protection enter her life. The theatrics of scripted battles on television and film ends when she leaves the set and the real life dangers of being a female celebrity are too apparent. Karlee finds comfort in knowing that she has stopping power by her side while also compliant with the strict California laws.


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