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Which sized CO2 does the Byrna LE use?
Unlike the SD and EP models, the Byrna LE uses a 12 gram CO2 cartridge which is what helps make it the most powerful launcher we have produced, allowing speeds of over 340 feet per second.

Which magazines does the LE come with?
The Byrna LE is the only launcher that comes with our new 7 round magazines, but it also backwards compatible with the legacy 5 round magazines. This gives you the ability to fire 14 rounds with just one reload!

How does the trigger in the LE differ from previous triggers?
The LE trigger was redesigned from the ground up from previous iterations. Not only is it a lighter pull, the trigger is smoother with no stack up and a much easier break, making it even easier for novice shooters to be accurate.

How are the LE’s sights upgraded?
Unlike the SD and EP, the LE sights contain high visibility dots on both the front and back sights. This makes sight acquisition not only easier but much faster. Just line up the three dots on the target and fire.

Is there a holster available for the LE?
Both the Byrna Level 2 holster and the nylon holster fit all of Byrna’s handheld launchers, including the LE. The level 2 holster can be used with the paddle attachment or with a belt clip or Molle attachment making it Byrna’s most versatile holster option.


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