TASER Pulse Subcompact Shooting Stun Gun With Holster And 2 Cartridges – A Blowout Bundle


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Protect yourself with confidence knowing that you’re carrying the same level of protection trusted by law enforcement with TASER Pulse Gun. Our intuitively designed, lightweight device is revolutionizing the self-defense market and offers up to 30 seconds of immobilizing power – giving you the time you need to get away safely from any attacker. Feel secure and protected with TASER Pulse Gun – it’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for less-lethal protection.

The TASER Pulse Gun is a compact, less-lethal defense option for law enforcement personnel and civilians alike. This high-tech device, which weighs just 8 ounces, uses an intuitively designed form factor that allows anyone to keep it as a self-protection device with relative ease. The TASER Pulse Gun provides up to 30 seconds of powerful protection to help ward off the potential threat of imminent danger.

Although considered a non-lethal defensive tool, it emits an electrical shock from up to 15 feet away and is sure to subdue any would-be assailant. With its cutting-edge design based on the latest technology, it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for law enforcement officers and civilians who wish to stay one step ahead in their own security.

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