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Originally introduced in the 1970s, kubotans grew a cult-like following among self-defense communities. Eventually, the LAPD even started using a kubotan to effectively and quickly subdue a target. Despite its small size, the power of a kubotan keychain cannot be underestimated. Every aspect of the kubotan is designed for a specific purpose, defending yourself against an attacker.

Is Kubotans Still Useful Today?

Simply put, kubotans are absolutely still useful today. Even with pepper spray and stun guns available, the consistency and dependability of the kubotan cannot be underrated. When used effectively, a kubotan can be an efficient and discreet self-defense weapon that is easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

At first glance, a kubotan looks like a small keychain. But, at closer inspection, you’ll find a pointed end and a durable body that each serves specific uses. The pointed end is used as a pressure point weapon you can jab into an assailant. If you’re grabbed, you can quickly pull out your kubotan keychain and jab the pointed end into an assailant’s arm or leg to cause them immediate pain.

Beyond the pointed end, you can also wrap your hand around the kubotan to make a fist. It will stabilize your fist to minimize any injuries to yourself while strengthening your punches.

Overall, the kubotan was used by the LAPD for a reason. It’s a highly effective self-defense weapon that is small enough to carry with you anywhere you go.