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Automatic Knives: An Excellent Tool to Ensure Safety

Automatic Knives had gotten a bad reputation in the past because they were known as switchblades. With time, they got the good reputation back by involving in self-defence. The automatic knife has a blade hidden in the handle and springs out when you press a button.

These knives are unique in terms of being multi-functional, as they have the ability to do tasks that other knives cannot. Whether using automatic knives for hunting, fishing or self-defence, it is always beneficial to have them in your pocket.

If you are interested in exploring more about these sharp and useful gadgets, keep reading!

What are Automatic Knives?

Automatic knives are sharp tools usually used as pocket knives. They allow for single-handed opening, easy operation as well as fast deployment in the absence of excellent motor skills. These knives were originally designed for the battlefield to use if warriors lost their swords. Due to their ultimate safety and portability, they made a great discovery in the field of hunting and self-defence.

With a wide-opening automatic knife, the blade hides in the handle detained by a button. A loaded spring is responsible for pushing the blade at all times. Whenever the user pushes the button, it moves the plunger away, and the spring pushes the blade open.

The work may sound time-consuming, but it does not take more than a second to open and protect you.

Types of Automatic Knives

When you search for automatic knives, hundreds of options appear in front of you according to the opening mechanism. Every knife has different qualities. Here are some most common types of automatic knives.

Firing Button: It is one of the most common types of release mechanism. The gentle press of the firing button releases the blade, whether it is detained on the side of the handle or inside it.

Axis Pull Release: This is a rare release type. The axis pulls releases the knife as a locking mechanism handle stud on both sides of the knife handle.

Lever: In this automatic knife, a lever protrudes from the handle. When it is pulled, the blade pops out. It is easy to use in the dark and at the moment of threat when you need instant protection.

Hidden Release: This is the last common release mechanism you can find in the market or stores. It is thoughtfully designed and fabricated. Only the user knows how to open it, which is a good feature to prevent thieves.

Benefits of Automatic Knives

Automatic knives are not only useful in household chores but also significantly used in self-defence. Their portability allows you to carry them in your pocket.

·      Self-defence Weapon

Powerful automatic knives such as Automatic OTF Tanto Knife with Nylon Sheath are the best choice as a self-defence weapon. Therefore, many police officers used to carry it when they were on duty. This knife is lightweight, easy to handle and far easier to carry than regular knives.

·      Safe to Use

Whether you are retracting or releasing the blade of your automatic knife, your hand will never come in contact with it and hurt you in the process. This makes it a safer option to carry as compared to regular knives and other weapons.

·      Legal in Many Areas

Usually, weapons and even knives are not allowed at certain places due to security issues, but automatic knives are allowed to carry without breaking any state law. Many states allow you to carry it as a self-defence tool if you travel a lot during the night or in lonely places.

·      Sharpness

The blades of automatic knives, such as Automatic Heavy-Duty Knife with 5-hole handles, have exceptionally sharp blades. Regular knives cannot even give close competition when it comes to cutting and fighting. Contrary to regular knives, automatic knives require relatively less force.

·      Durable and Long-lasting

As they were originally made to carry and use for self-defence, automatic knives are made of stronger material. They have a great capacity to endure the harshest of conditions as they are manufactured of stainless steel and aluminium.

What are the Best Automatic Knives

When you look for the options in automatic knives, there is an endless list which makes it confusing to land the best functional knife. To help you get a hand on the best one, we have narrowed down the list. Let’s check it out.

1.   Automatic OTF Double Edge Knife

This is one of the best and most used automatic knives. An automatic OTF double-edge knife is designed to make openings. This knife is based on the spring-loaded mechanism that opens the blade when a user pulls the handle. Once the blade is out of the handle, it will remain the same until the user releases the trigger. Its stainless-steel construction ensures a long run.

2.   Carbon Fiber Automatic OTF Knife

This is another commonly buzzed model. Carbon Fiber Automatic OTF Knife is cumbersome and usually requires both hands to operate. However, the switchable OTF blade allows smooth ejection with one gentle press. This model is a reliable option for breaking windows in an emergency, and it can also be used to break glass, such as car windows or others, to save lives. In the plethora of options, this is a reliable name.

3.   Stiletto OTF Knife Belt Clip

In case you are looking for a more reliable, durable and easy-to-conceal option, no need to look further than the EliteEdge Stiletto OTF knife. It is a strong and full-sized knife without having to deal with weight and bulk. It has a narrow point as well as a long blade. You can use it for outdoor activities, such as adventure, hunting, self-defence and survival. It will never betray you in front of enemies.


With increasing population and crime cases, automatic knives have become an inevitable part of carrying equipment to ensure safety. However, you must select the best knife to defeat the enemy and take out other tasks. For this purpose, Self Defense Mall is a reliable store. They feature a variety of models of high quality and excellent working. Give it a try; their knives are worth the investment.