Expert Insights: The Best Stun Guns Reviewed & Rated for Safety and Efficiency

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The Best Stun Gun Bat? Which Stun Gun With A Flashlight is Right for You? An Overview of the 5 Best Stun Guns For Women and Men


The first self-defense tool capable of delivering an electrical shot was developed in the late 19th century. John Burton, an inventor from Wichita, KS, received a patent for the world’s first practical stun gun.

Although there are different claims to this invention, the fact remains that its compact design and ability to incapacitate an attacker instantly make it an intriguing investment. You can typically grab a high-quality design for under $50 today.

How do you know what stun gun will meet your needs? What is the best design for your daily routine?

Here’s a closer look at stun guns and what to expect.


Although virtually anyone can own and use a stun gun, this tool must be used correctly to be an effective self-defense option.

Self Defense

That process starts by looking at the total number of volts the stun gun delivers. It helps to purchase one that offers at least 300,000 volts to ensure you can get away.

Once the voltage enters the attacker, the stun gun impacts their nervous system. It dumps energy into the muscles at a high frequency, overloading the communication pathways. As the current depletes blood sugar and converts lactic acid, it becomes nearly impossible to move.

Most attackers fall, become disoriented, and struggle to gain their thoughts. That gives you the time you need to escape.

The instructions for your stun gun should be followed to the letter. Each one might have different deployment steps to consider.

After you’ve followed those directions, these tips can help you use your new stun gun effectively.

  • Push the Prongs on the Skin. Try to press the stun gun against your attacker’s skin. The best contact points tend to be the neck, arms, hands, and face. If you live in a colder region, shop for a model with a rating that can penetrate clothing.
  • Use for Several Seconds. One press is not enough to disable most attackers. You’ll need to press it hard against the person’s skin for several seconds to get your desired results. Once the person falls, continue to engage the voltage for 2-3 more seconds to ensure there’s enough time to escape.
  • Have a Second Option Available. Some people can withstand the electrical shock from a stun gun, even when it delivers over 90 million volts. When the attacker doesn’t go down after deploying this self-defense tool, you’ll want a knife, Mace®-branded products, throwing stars, or other options available to protect yourself.

When stun guns are used correctly, they offer excellent protection when unexpected or unsafe events occur. Having one with you always gives you another tool to use to ensure you get home safely.



No one will be able to anticipate a Cell Phone Stun Gun for Women making it perfect for personal protection. It is loaded with nearly 14 million volts of resistance power inside a phone package, providing exceptional protection from confrontations that could be inherently harmful.

Because it has such a natural phone appearance, it is impossible to detect. The Cell Phone Stun Gun also known as a Phone Taser, appears like a regular smartphone or even an iPhone Taser until you turn it on and 4.7 milliamps of electric current begin to pulse across the top of the device.

This Cell Phone Stun Gun has seamless and robust characteristics, making it an easy device. You remain prepared for any circumstance that may come your way, thanks to the built-in 120dB alarm and a powerful 50-lumen LED flashlight. Moreover, it is recharged easily with a charging cable compatible with a micro USB.

It is incredibly portable thanks to its streamlined design, which has a thickness of only half an inch. The discretion of the cell phone stun gun makes it one of the best options for women.


  • 14 Million Volts of Stun Power
  • 50 Lumens Flashlight
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Covert Design
  • 120 dB Built-in Alarm
  • Large Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Lifetime Warrant


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Never compromise your safety. A Stun Gun Bat is effective in knocking an attacker out. It stores up to 80 million volts in an effective and high-quality aluminum aircraft, giving you the assurance and protection you need when walking in risky situations.

You will have no trouble confusing and disorienting an attacker with its potent 220-Lumen Flashlight. Additionally, the flashlight has five different settings that you may adjust according to your needs. These modes are as follows: 100% brightness, 70% brightness, 30% brightness, Strobe, and SOS.


  • 80 Million Volts of Stun Power
  • Rubber Handle with Comfortable Grip
  • Robust and Durable Air Craft Aluminum Body
  • Up to 4.9 milliamps
  • Built-in LED 220-Lumen Flashlight
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery
  • Lifetime Warranty


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The BashLite is a high-quality and extremely best effective stun gun flashlight! You can get your hands on this incredibly helpful gadget right now, and despite its compact size, it is powerful, dependable, and long-lasting.

Your assailant will be unable to move in any direction while being stunned by this rechargeable stun gun, which can produce up to 85 million volts. The immobilizing effect of the 4.7 milliamps of stun power is adequate to last for a considerable time.

It can create a light of 120 Lumens that is extraordinarily brilliant and can temporarily blind an aggressor. You can also use the light to completely illuminate the path in front of you, allowing you to see any potential hazards in a dark street or a secluded area.

The dimensions of the Bashlight allow it to fit into any pocket. It is only 5 inches in length and 1 inch in width. In addition, because it weighs only 0.5 pounds, you can easily carry it everywhere.

It also has a nylon holster that allows you to carry it around more easily, making it one of the best stun guns available on the market for on-the-go use cases.


  • Super Bright 120 Lumen Light
  • Compact & Small Shape
  • Sleek Design
  • 85 Million Volts of Stopping Power
  • Lightweight
  • 7 Milliamps Power
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Lifetime Warranty


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The Stun Gun Lipstick is a little weapon capable of delivering an electric shock of up to 25,000,000 Volts and stunning with a light that is covertly concealed within an appealing tube of lipstick.

This product has 4.2 milliamps, varying depending on the battery’s power and how recently you charged it. Because of its hip and traditional appearance, it is a well-liked weapon of self-defense, making it among the best stun guns for women.

This lipstick stun gun is the best to give any attacker pause and is effective in stopping aggressive behavior attempts. Its innovative yet compact design makes it super portable. Carry it wherever you go, either in your purse or pocket, and ensure your safety!


  • 2 milliamps
  • 25,000,000 Million Volts of Stun Power
  • 2 Responsive Buttons for flashlight and stun gun
  • 100 Lumen Flashlight
  • Rubber Coating
  • Lightweight, Small, and Compact Size
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Lifetime Warranty


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This Hot Shot Stun Gun may be small, but it packs a punch that is more than sufficient to ensure your safety! It is only 10 centimeters long and looks like a power bank or another small device making it easy to conceal.

It has the effect of a baseball bat and can stun any attacker with a staggering 90 million volts. The hot shot stun gun comes equipped with a powerful LED flashlight that emits 100 lumens, a battery display meter, a safety switch, and a red light that illuminates when the device is ready to be used against the attacker through video.

This miniature pack of Lightning Bolts features microtechnology integrated into its design to deliver maximum voltage and protection. Because of its tiny and compact form, it is quite portable, making it easy to bring anywhere.

In addition, the rubberized coating provides an improved hand grip and prevents the item from slipping out of the user’s grasp.


  • 90 Million Volts of Stun Power
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Compact Size
  • Rubber Coating
  • Battery Indicator Meter
  • Built-in 100 Lumen LED Flashlight
  • Lifetime Warranty


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Stun guns are a popular choice for self-defense because they offer a form of non-lethal interference. Does that mean it is automatically the best choice for your needs?

It is essential to know the pros and cons of owning a stun gun so that you can evaluate what options work best for the potential personal defense scenarios you might face.

Although each situation is different, here are some common advantages and disadvantages to consider before investing in one of today’s best stun guns.

Pros and cons of owning a stun gun

List of the Pros of Owning a Stun Gun

List of the Cons of Owning a Stun Gun

List of the Cons of Owning a Stun Gun

Stun guns work in all weather conditions, which is something that pepper sprays and other disbursal self-defense tools cannot claim.

Tick mark self defence

The design of most stun guns requires an attacker to be in close proximity for the tool to work. Even bats and batons only provide a couple of feet at most. Pepper sprays can be delivered up to 20 feet away.

pro and cons

You can use a stun gun as a preventative measure to dissuade an attacker from continuing. If you snap the voltage when animals attack, they will often disengage.

tick mark self defense

Stun guns require ongoing charging to be effective. Most models need to be connected to a power source at least once a month or after deployment to remain effective.

Most stun gun designs come with additional self-defense tools to use, ranging from panic alarms to flashlights. Newer models use tooth-like prongs to collect an attacker’s DNA to submit evidence after reporting the incident to the police.

tick mark self defense

The best stun guns come in several different shapes and designs to maximize deployment, but it helps to try one first to see if it is comfortable. Should this tool slip out of your hands, it becomes useless against an attack.

Stun gun prongs can go through clothing to make contact with the skin. You can press it against any part to achieve results.

bad point

Stun guns are not a legal option in all states. Even if you live somewhere without restrictions on this self-defense tool, you might need an additional permit.

good point

Several safety features are available with today’s best stun guns. Many of them use wrist straps with a disable pin to prevent the tool from being used against you. The current won’t pass between you and the attacker either.

tick mark

It takes time to grab, prepare, and deploy a stun gun. If it isn’t in your hands already when an attacker or an animal comes at you, the adrenaline surge that occurs can make it challenging to be prepared, even with practice.

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Numerous stun guns are small and portable without reducing the voltage levels they produce. You can also use bats and batons for a better reach.


Batteries eventually wear out. You’ll need to replace the chargeable back or keep investing in alkaline options to maintain this tool’s effectiveness.

Stun guns are a practical investment to consider if you want to enhance your non-lethal self-defense capabilities. If you’ve decided that the pros outweigh the cons, the next step is determining ownership legality where you live.


The stun gun laws across the United States are subject to change at any time. It is always wise to check with your local jurisdiction to see what is or isn’t allowed when creating a self-defense plan.

It is currently not permitted to own a stun gun in five states: Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

It used to be illegal to own a stun gun in Washington, DC, but changes to the legal code now make it so that you’re not allowed to possess one in a building or office occupied by the district government.

You can legally own a stun gun in Illinois, but it is illegal within the city of Chicago to have one in your possession.

Iowa allows you to own a stun gun, but you cannot if you’re a resident of Crawford County.

In Maryland, it is illegal to have a stun gun in Annapolis, Baltimore, or Baltimore County.

Pennsylvania allows residents to own stun guns, but Philadelphia has restricted their use.

Several states have ownership restrictions that include a permit for the stun gun. Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, and Mississippi require owners to have this approval before ownership. North Dakota and Wisconsin require a concealed weapon permit before legally carrying a stun gun in public.

When there aren’t any major legal restrictions in place, it is typically okay to use a stun gun for self-defense purposes. Although some might not be able to carry it in public, it could be an option for protecting yourself at home without having lethal weapons available for little fingers to find.


A stun gun with a flashlight provides extra help to see in the dark. The battery power required to deliver illumination through the bright LEDs is minimal, ensuring that you have enough of a charge to produce the voltage necessary to disable an attacker.

Since you’re using the stun gun as a flashlight, it is already deployed for defensive purposes. Even if someone comes from behind, you can jab the prongs into the skin and watch them convulse.

The cost profile for a stun gun with a flashlight is similar to other designs. If you walk through parking garages, on public streets, or take the subway at night, this tool delivers that extra bit of protection that can give you some peace of mind.


Stun gun bats and batons function like any other self-defense tool in this category, but with one added advantage. You’ll have more reach when defending yourself against an attacker or an aggressive animal.

That means you have more distance between you and the attacker, getting an extra bit of separation that can help you stay safe without the close contact required for a standard stun gun.

The benefit of using a stun gun bat is its lightweight nature. These products are durable and easy to use, especially since they include safety features that actively prevent accidental shock.

You can select the size and voltage you prefer to carry for your preferred self-defense setup.

It helps to carry a stun gun and a bat or a baton with the same features. If an attacker gets through your first defense, you’ll have a backup option to consider.


Stun guns are an effective self-defense tool, but you must choose the correct one for your needs. It should fit in your hand comfortably, have features you want, and a price that fits within your budget.

Keeping a self-defense tool on you at all times can be a lifesaving decision when it comes to staying safe.

At Self Defense Mall, we have several stun guns to consider outside of the ones on this list to ensure you have a compact and discrete tool to use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives at your convenience!

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