Best Diversion Safes

Best Self-Defense Diversion Safes of 2023

Through meticulous research, we are excited to present to you the premier Self-Defense Diversion Safes, featuring exceptional choices such as the Book Safe, Sprite Can, and other innovative options. Our goal is to empower you to find the ideal diversion safe tailored to your unique needs. We’re committed to providing you with comprehensive knowledge to make an informed decision about your personal security.

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Diversion Book Safe

Diversion Book Safe

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Versatile Use

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Unobtrusive Design
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Easy Accessibility

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Affordable Choice
Sprite Diversion Safe

Sprite Diversion Safe

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Discreet and Deceptive

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Portable and Lightweight
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Perfect size

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Best Looking
Monster Energy Can Diversion Safe

Monster Energy Diversion Safe

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Durable Construction

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Unassuming Appearance
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User-Friendly Design

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Hair Brush Hidden Safe

Hair Brush Diversion Safe

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Ryan Karpilo
By Ryan Karpilo
Owner, Self Defense Mall

July 31st, 2023

Step aside, pepper spray—there’s more than one effective way to secure your valuables against theft, and a dependable diversion safe is a leading option. When discussing top-quality diversion safes, it’s less about brand and more about design and functionality. Among the myriad options available, a certain model, the Book Diversion Safe, stands out. This diversion safe exhibits impressive features like a convincing disguise and a hidden compartment, offering an enhanced layer of protection.

Alongside our expert guidance on how to optimally use a Diversion Safe, we’ve also delved into the legalities, making sure you understand where and how these diversion safes can be employed. It’s essential to know that while diversion safes are generally legal, misuse can lead to legal repercussions. Read on to discover how diversion safes offer an affordable and less risky alternative to traditional safekeeping methods.

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Diversion Book Safe

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Compare Diversion Safe


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Diversion Book Safe

Diversion Book Safe

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Sprite Diversion Safe

Diversion Sprite Can

Affordable Choice



Monster Energy Can Diversion Safe

Diversion Monster Energy Can

Best Looking



Hair Brush Hidden Safe

Diversion Hair Brush

Most Practical



Diversion Safe reviews


Diversion Book Safe: Best Overall

The Diversion Book Safe is a prime example of the innovation and quality to expect from top-tier diversion safes—it catches our attention with its realistic appearance, making it indistinguishable from an actual book. This cleverly designed book safe is easy to blend into your bookshelf or tabletop, offering you a discreet way to secure your valuables.

Hidden Compartment

There’s no chance of it opening accidentally, thanks to the built-in safety feature that includes a secure lock and two keys. What’s more, the Diversion Book Safe also features a spacious interior, perfect for storing an array of items.

Realistic Cover Design

The realistic cover design adds to the book safe’s level of concealment, making it an excellent option for hiding your belongings in plain sight. This feature, coupled with its durable construction, makes the Diversion Book Safe ready for any eventuality.

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  pro   Blends Seamlessly with Other Books
  pro   Secured with Key Lock
  pro   Difficult for Intruders to Detect
X Mark


  con   Slightly Above Average Price
  con   Takes Up More Shelf Space

Secured Interior

The Diversion Book Safe is more than just a hiding spot. Inside this covert safe, you’ll find anti-theft features designed to keep your valuables secure. Once an item is stored within, it’s not easily retrievable without the provided keys, offering you an additional layer of protection.

Practical Dimensions

While it’s not the smallest safe on the market, its size is meticulously designed to resemble a typical hardcover book, enabling it to blend seamlessly into your bookshelf or desk. No matter where you decide to place it, we recommend utilizing both keys to ensure optimal security.

Value for Money

The Diversion Book Safe is one of the more premium-priced diversion safes in our collection, but its impressive array of features and glowing online customer reviews make it worth every penny. The peace of mind it offers, we believe, outweighs the modest increase in price compared to other models.

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Diversion Sprite Can Safe: Best Overall

The Citrus Can Safe is a standout in what you can expect from a diversion safe—its convincing design as an everyday item is a key feature that makes it both discreet and easy to use. Seamlessly blending in with your pantry items, this can safe is always ready to hide your valuables.

Stealth Design

You won’t accidentally reveal your hidden valuables, thanks to its perfect replication of a citrus can. On a quick glance, it is indistinguishable from a regular item in your kitchen pantry, making it an effective diversion safe.

Easy to Use

Just twist and lift the top of the can, and you have quick and easy access to your hidden items. This makes the Citrus Can Safe efficient and convenient for storing anything from cash to small pieces of jewelry.

Ready for Anything

Its sturdy build quality ensures that the Citrus Can Safe can endure typical pantry conditions, making it ever-ready to protect your precious belongings.

Check Mark


  pro   Seamless Integration: It blends perfectly with other pantry items.
  pro   User-friendly Design: The twist and lift top allows for quick and easy access.
  pro   Inconspicuous Security: Its ordinary appearance makes it difficult for intruders to identify.
X Mark


  con   Premium Priced: This diversion safe comes with a slightly higher price tag than some alternatives.
  con   Limited Capacity: Despite its larger size, it may not accommodate bulkier items.

Stealth Disguise

The Citrus Can Safe is a master of disguise with its realistic appearance. To a potential thief, it would appear to be nothing more than a common household item, providing a discreet way to hide your valuables. The added advantage of its non-conspicuous design is that it doesn’t draw attention or suspicion, making it an extra layer of security.


Although it’s not the smallest diversion safe available, it’s similar in size to a regular citrus can, meaning you can easily store it amongst other pantry items. Wherever you choose to place it, its inconspicuous nature blends seamlessly with its surroundings.


The Citrus Can Safe might be a little more expensive than some of the other diversion safes on our list, but considering its lifelike design and robust construction, it’s hard to ignore the positive customer reviews. In our opinion, its higher price point offers significant value for the level of protection it provides.

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Diversion Monster Energy Can Safe: Best Overall

The Energy Drink Diversion Safe is a fantastic example of what to anticipate from a diversion safe—we admire its convincing design, which makes it easy to hide in plain sight. The design is exactly like a popular energy drink can, so you can use it without arousing suspicion.

Stealthy Design

The Energy Drink Diversion Safe will never attract unwanted attention, thanks to its extremely convincing can design. The realistic look is also what makes this safe such an effective tool for stashing your valuables.

Non-Perishable Exterior

The quality of this safe is excellent, making it a long-lasting storage solution. It is not only a diversion safe but also a durable one that’s built to last, ensuring your belongings stay hidden and protected.

Check Mark


  pro   Inconspicuous Design
Just like a real energy drink can, its design doesn’t draw any unwanted attention.
  pro   Secure Storage
Its hidden compartment ensures the safety of your valuable items.
  pro   Deters Theft
Its unsuspecting design makes it unlikely for thieves to recognize it as a safe.
X Mark


  con   Premium Pricing
This diversion safe comes at a higher price point compared to some other models.
  con   Limited Storage
While ingenious, its design may not accommodate larger items.

Invisible Storage

This diversion safe is more than just an ordinary energy drink can. Inside its business end, there’s a secret compartment for storing valuables. The compartment is seamlessly concealed to deter any potential thieves who might try to snatch it. Even without the need for alarms, its stealthy design is an impressive line of defense.


While it’s not the smallest diversion safe we’ve come across, it’s exactly the size of a typical energy drink can, making it easy to stash anywhere – in your kitchen, car, or gym bag. No matter where you place it, we recommend keeping the diversion safe among similar items for optimal camouflage.


This might be one of the more costly diversion safes on our list, but the glowing customer reviews online make a strong case for its value. The extra investment ensures you’re buying not just a diversion safe, but peace of mind that your valuables are well-protected.

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Diversion Hair Brush Safe: Best Overall

The Hair Brush Hidden Safe is an ingenious embodiment of a diversion safe—its exterior presents as an ordinary hairbrush, making it virtually undetectable. We appreciate the ease with which you can unscrew the top, allowing access to the hidden compartment.

Seamless Design

You don’t have to worry about accidental detection, thanks to the seamless design of this diversion safe. The hairbrush is fully functional and can be used daily, hiding in plain sight.

Easy to Access

The hidden compartment is conveniently located at the top of the brush and can be opened with a simple twist. This feature allows for quick and easy access to your valuables when needed.

Portable and Versatile

The Hair Brush Hidden Safe is compact and light, ideal for both home use and travel. This makes it a versatile and discreet solution for storing your small valuables.

Check Mark


  pro   Comfortable to Hold: The design mirrors a standard hairbrush, which naturally fits well in the hand and is easy to grip and use.
  pro   Discreet Compartment: The hidden safe is well concealed, acting as an unsuspected storage spot for your valuable items.
  pro   Highly Unassuming: The diversion design makes it difficult for anyone to guess that this ordinary hairbrush doubles as a hidden safe.
X Mark


  con   Priced Higher than Some Alternatives: While this item delivers on quality and ingenuity, it does come at a price that’s a bit steeper than some other diversion safes.
  con   Slightly Bulky: Given its function as a hidden safe, this hairbrush is slightly larger than a typical hairbrush, which could potentially arouse suspicion.

Undetectable Storage

This cleverly concealed safe offers a discreet compartment inside a fully functional hairbrush. The ruse is very effective—even if someone were to grab the brush, it’s highly unlikely they would suspect it’s anything more than a standard hairbrush. The diversion is its strength, creating a layer of security through disguise.


While it’s not the smallest diversion safe we’ve seen, its dimensions mirror those of an average hairbrush, making it easy to carry in a bag or even a larger pocket. Regardless of where you choose to keep it, we suggest using it regularly as a hairbrush to enhance its disguise.

Value for Money

Although the Hair Brush Hidden Safe might come with a slightly higher price tag compared to other diversion safes, the unique design, utility, and quality it offers make it well worth the investment. Online customer reviews echo this sentiment, highlighting its value and effectiveness.

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Other Diversion Safes Worth Considering

Rock Key Hider

The Rock Key Hider is one of the most inconspicuous diversion safes we’ve encountered—it blends seamlessly into any garden or yard. We love its natural look, however, its size is only ideal for hiding smaller items such as keys. It might not be the ideal choice if you’re looking to hide larger objects.

Energy Drink Diversion Safe

The Energy Drink Diversion Safe offers a fun and inconspicuous way to store your valuables. While its design is great for masking its true purpose, its size limits the items you can securely store. It is best used for hiding cash or small pieces of jewelry.

And here is a three-column list of the products:

  Product Price
1. Diversion Book Safe $19.95
2. Pro Safe IKeyp Bolt Wifi smart safe $149.00
3. Rock Key Hider $9.95

Arizona Tea Diversion Safe

5. Brake Cleaner Diversion Safe $34.95
6. Sprite Diversion Safe $9.95
7. Cleanser Diversion Safe Stash Can $24.95
8. Coffee Diversion Safe $39.95
9. Cola Can Safe $9.95
10. Coors Light Can Safe $12.95
11. Creamer Diversion Safe $34.95
12. Deodorant Diversion Safe $34.95
13. Energy Drink Diversion Safe $16.95
14. Ginger Ale Diversion Safe $9.95
15. Hair Brush Hidden Safe $13.95
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Essential Guidelines for Using Diversion Safes

  1. Appreciating the Role of Diversion Safes

    The key to using diversion safes effectively begins with understanding their purpose. They are specially designed to secure your valuables by mimicking ordinary household items. Their success, however, relies on their ability to blend effortlessly into your surroundings. If the safe appears conspicuous or misplaced, it might inadvertently draw attention.

  2. Master the Operation of Your Diversion Safe

    The market offers an array of diversion safe designs, spanning from book safes to soda can safes, and more. It’s important to understand how your particular diversion safe operates. Does it open from the top or the bottom? Is there a unique unlocking method? Familiarizing yourself with the operational aspects of your safe ensures easy accessibility to your items when needed, and secure closure after use.

  3. Strategic Placement of the Safe

    The effectiveness of diversion safes is largely based on their logical placement. For instance, a book safe will blend in effortlessly on a bookshelf, while a soda can safe would be inconspicuous in a fridge or pantry. Your daily habits and the arrangement of your home should guide your decision on the safe’s placement.

  4. Avoid Overloading Your Safe

    Be careful not to overstuff your safe. It’s important that the safe can close properly without any bulging, which could draw unwanted attention. Overstuffing can not only make the safe more noticeable, but it may also cause damage, reducing its effectiveness and longevity.

  5. Factor in Your Travel Habits

    For those who frequently travel, it’s crucial to bear in mind that certain diversion safes may not be suitable for air travel, especially those mimicking prohibited items. In such scenarios, opt for travel-friendly designs like a hairbrush or book safe.

Final Thoughts

Diversion safes offer a creative and reliable method to protect your valuables, making them an appealing alternative to traditional safes. They are practical, cost-effective, and blend seamlessly into everyday environments.

Self Defense Mall consistently offers some of the best diversion safes on the market, such as the Energy Drink Diversion Safe. Its realistic design, affordable price, and ample storage space make it a smart choice for protecting your valuables wherever you are. While it may cost a bit more than other options, it offers superior camouflage and peace of mind.

While diversion safes provide a clever and discrete method of safeguarding your possessions, they’re not a replacement for good security habits. Always be mindful of where you place your diversion safe and regularly check that it remains inconspicuous in its surroundings.

For those looking to further bolster their home safety measures, many communities offer home security courses. For additional safekeeping options, check out our range of products at the Self Defense Mall.

Diversion Safes FAQ

  1. What is a diversion safe? A diversion safe, also known as a hidden safe, is a safe that is designed to look like a common household or office item. Its main purpose is to deceive potential burglars by blending in with the surroundings.

  2. Are diversion safes effective? Yes, diversion safes can be highly effective because they blend into their environment and are often overlooked by burglars who are in a hurry. They’re not a replacement for a traditional safe but are a great supplement.

  3. Where should I place my diversion safe? The best place for a diversion safe is among similar items. For example, a soda can diversion safe would fit best in a pantry or fridge, while a book diversion safe would blend in on a bookshelf.

  4. Can a diversion safe be used in any room? Yes, diversion safes come in many forms, including books, cans, household products, and even furniture, making them versatile for use in any room.

  5. Can diversion safes be locked? Some diversion safes come with locks for added security, but many rely on their ability to blend in as their main form of protection.

  6. What should I store in my diversion safe? Diversion safes are best for small, valuable items such as cash, jewelry, or important documents like passports. However, they are not typically fireproof or waterproof, so consider these factors when deciding what to store.

  7. Do I need a diversion safe if I already have a traditional safe? A diversion safe can complement a traditional safe by providing an additional level of security. It can be used to store items you might need to access more frequently, while the traditional safe can store more valuable or irreplaceable items.

  8. Is there a difference between a diversion safe and a regular safe? At the most basic level, diversion safes are designed to blend into their surroundings and appear as regular household items, while regular safes are explicitly designed to secure valuables and are often conspicuous. Check out our guide to diversion safes vs. regular safes to learn more.

  9. Are diversion safes legal? Yes, diversion safes are legal. They are simply a form of hidden storage. However, using them to hide illegal items can result in legal consequences.

  10. Can a diversion safe be portable? Yes, many diversion safes are small and lightweight enough to be portable, making them a convenient option for securing valuables while traveling.


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