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Byrna’s new array of handheld launchers now gives you even more options to make sure you are prepared to defend better than ever before, but some of you may be asking…. So which launcher is right for me?? The EP, the SD, or the LE?

Byrna’s Essential Pistol, the EP, are for those looking for the most affordable option in the line up, coming in at under $300 without sacrificing capability. The EP functions just like the popular SD launcher and even uses the same 8 gram CO2 and magazines. By removing the external safety though, the EP also comes in as the slimmest launcher in the line up for those concerned with conceal-ability.

So if you are looking for the most affordable option, prefer not to have an external safety, and you’re not concerned with including a bunch of extras in the kit, then the EP is a GOOD option for you.

Byrna’s SD has been the flagship launcher for the last two years and has been wildly popular. Using 8 gram CO2 cartridges that remain unpiereced in the launcher until the trigger is pulled, the SD is effective at over 60’ and can fire over 20 rounds per cartridge. The presence of an external safety on the launcher also means that the CO2 cartridge can be pre punctured while the weapon is on safe, allowing for an additional increase of velocity on the first shot.

So if you are looking for Byrna’s most popular launcher ever, you like the additional security of an external safety, and you want to make sure your kit comes with everything you need to get started including two magazines, CO2, and the operational rounds of your choice, then the SD is going to be a BETTER choice for you.

And finally, the Byrna LE is a ground up redesign for those looking for the most powerful launcher Byrna’s ever produced. The Byrna LE contains a completely redesigned valve and trigger assembly allowing it to fire rounds at an average of over 340 feet per second, a 75 feet per second increase from previous launchers. With the addition of upgraded high visibility white sights, and the inclusion of seven round magazine the LE is the most capable launcher in the line up.

So if you are looking for the most Powerful Byrna launcher ever produced, with the fastest velocity, the most stopping power, the best sights, the smoothest and lightest trigger, the highest capacity with two 7 round mags included, and the best overall shooting experience, then the LE is obviously the BEST option for you.

Now that you better understand the Good, Better, and Best options in Byrna’s new handheld launcher line up, the only thing left is for you to choose which OPTION will best make sure that when the time comes, you are prepared to defend.


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