The Byrna Newsdesk: Week of July 3rd, 2023 | Self Defense Mall

This last week, several representatives from the Brazilian government, including leaders from their Federal Police Force toured Byrna’s manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne Indiana to learn more about Byrna’s products. The Brazilian government is currently exploring options to arm a selection of both Federal and Local Police and Military with less lethal options.

Byrna is proud to announce that after extensive third party lab testing our 12 gauge kinetic rounds were empirically tested against NATO’s AEP-99 Standards. This Thorax Injury Risk Assessment quantifies the risk rib and sternal fractures due to impact in both experimental and numerical evaluations. This testing concluded that Byrna’s 12 gauge kinetic rounds are extremely unlikely to cause serious bodily injury or death, even fired at ranges inside of 5 feet.

And finally, Byrna’s 12ga kinetic rounds have been featured in the July issue of Firearms News Magazine. The 6 page review details not only the how the round is made, but also his experience getting to shoot it in various scenarios. The author also discusses the practical uses and effects of the round in his write up.


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