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Byrna is excited to announce our all new Byrna Bucks program, a program built to reward those of you out in Byrna Nation for your continued loyalty.

So how do you earn Byrna Bucks?
Every dollar you spend at earns you Byrna bucks starting with the first dollar, there are no high end gates to reach before you start spending, but the more you spend the higher earning tier you get to and the faster you start making bucks. Being part of the program also gets you access to new products faster, earlier access to sales, and invites to special events.

But spending money isn’t the only way to earn Byrna Bucks. Following us on various social media platforms, leaving a review, shooting us a photo or video of you reviewing the product, or even just having a birthday are all ways to earn Byrna Bucks without spending a dollar.

So what can you buy with Byrna Bucks?
Byrna Bucks can be redeemed for many of Byrna’s accessories including CO2, projectiles, holsters, bags, and other items. But we will also be adding many other lifestyle items in the near future like apparel, outwear, and other everyday accessories, so keep checking back.

So how do you get started?
Go over to and register your email if you haven’t already and you’ll start banking those Byrna Bucks in no time!


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