Summertime Home Security - SABRE Home Series Appears on ABC 7 Chicago

Summer is a time for relaxation, sunshine, and family vacations. But if your home is not properly secured, you could become one of the many families who find themselves victims of home invasion.

Every 14.5 seconds a home is broken into, and those numbers increase even more in the summer!
SABRE ‘s home series provides easy to use, affordable stand alone and wireless alarms that install in seconds.

In this video, Personal Safety Expert David Nance shows ABC 7 Chicago’s Judy Hsu why these products are beneficial in deterring crime. These are the items from SABRE’s home series, all available at Target stores!

Motion Sensing Alarm: This will chime to let you know who is coming and going in your home during the day, but when activated at night with a custom numeric access code, this detects any unwanted movement, and a siren will sound to alert you –

Fake Security Camera: A way to help deter a criminal is to place a security camera outside your home. They don’t know it’s not actively recording, but they’ll think every move is caught on tape, and will likely pick a new target on your block –

Glass Alarm: The glass alarm attached directly to the windows you’re trying to secure. The SABRE decal is then visible on the outside, so anyone thinking of smashing through your windows may reconsider their plans of breaking into your home. If that’s not enough, a 100 dB siren will sound when activated –

Door/Window Alarm: Easy to place on doors or windows, this compact yet effective alarm is triggered magnetically when the door or window is opened –

Door Stop Alarm: Ideal for hotels, apartments, or dorm rooms, this not only sounds a 120 dB alarm if breached, but it helps prevent the inward opening of doors when wedged underneath –

SABRE Yard Sign: Simply placing this sign in your front yard or near an entrance to your home can make a criminal think twice about targeting your home –

For more information about SABRE products, visit our website and follow us on social media!

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