#SelfieSafety: Ocean Safety

In this, #SelfieSafety video from Jennifer Cassetta, Jennifer interviews a Venice Beach lifeguard about ocean safety.

In the video, she covers…

1) What to do if caught in a riptide
Remain as calm as possible! The rip current will pull you physically out to sea so that you’re going backwards. Then, swim parallel to shore about 20 or 30 feet to get out of the riptide.

2) What about sharks?!
Remember that we’re a guest in the shark’s natural habitat. Any time someone reports a shark sighting, the proper parties investigate.If it’s a shark that’s acting aggressive, the lifeguards will evacuate the water. If you do see a shark, get out of the water and report it immediately.

3) Any other ocean tips?
– Swim in front of a lifeguard tower
– Know your limits and don’t swim past the surfline if you can’t
– Check in with any of the lifeguards and ask about stingrays, sharks, what the conditions are like, etc.

Again, we want to thank Ken for a great interview on ocean safety.

Stay safe, everyone!


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