#SelfieSafety: National Running Safety Month

Happy National Running Safety Month! Jennifer Cassetta, self-defense and fitness expert, is sharing some quick tips for staying safe while running outdoors.

1. Put the headphones down
Headphones signal to attackers that you’re a ‘soft target.’ So, a key to personal safety is showing those around you that you’re aware of what’s going on!

2. Reflective gear
Increase your visibility – and therefore, safety – by wearing reflective gear, such as this slap-on wristband. Or, try a headlamp to help people see you coming in the dark.

3. SABRE Runner Pepper Spray
Runner Pepper Spray provides police-strength protection at your fingertips. Buy here:

4. Foam rolling, or self myofascial release
This helps you release tension in your connective t

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