SABRE Shares Back to Campus Safety Tips with Chicago’s #1 Morning News Show

Millions of students are headed back to campus, many moving into dorm rooms away from Mom and Dad for the first time. These experiences can be overwhelming, and personal safety often slips through the cracks. But according to the numbers it needs to be made a priority. 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted during their time on campus, and more than 10,000 students will be victims of aggravated assaults or robberies.

Personal Safety Expert and SABRE CEO David Nance appeared on ABC 7 – Chicago’s #1 Morning show to share tips on how students can try to be safer while on campus. In addition to the tips David shares in the video, here are some more to consider:

1.) Carry SABRE’s Campus Safety Pepper Gel – our most effective SABRE Red formula in gel form means greater containment of the spray – it’s not going to become airborne meaning effects on the user and bystanders are minimal:

2.) Bring the College Safety Program to your school to learn techniques on how to identify threats, and tips on how to escape dangerous situations safely:

3.) Use SABRE’s Dorm/Apartment Kit to secure the main entry points to your home away from home, and use the personal alarm for protection on the go! The 120 decibel alarms will alert you, the intruder, and your neighbors someone is trying to get inside who isn’t welcome:

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