SABRE Home Series Products Shown on Daytime

Lifestyle expert Jeni Bond joins the Daytime cast in Tampa, Florida to discuss June as National Home Safety Month and share tips on how to protect your home and your family!

SABRE’s new home series products are available at Target stores and provide an inexpensive way for people to secure their homes whether they’re at home or away.

Here are more details on the SABRE Home products you see in the video:

-Dorm/Apartment Kit: An affordable and practical solution to keep college kids and their belongings safer, but anyone living on their own wanting a little more protection can benefit from the alarms in this kit.

-Wireless Home Protection System: An industry leader, this system is easy to install and provides door and window sensors that can secure the entire first floor of your home.

– Wireless Alarm Kit: 4 different alarms in one kit! These will also install in seconds, and in addition to providing a 120 dB alarm when triggered, these chime whenever someone comes and goes so help keep track of kids and visitors.

– Motion Sensor: This product will detect unwanted movement inside your home, and can be turned on alarm-mode when you’re on vacation or sleeping, then set to chime-mode when you are up and moving about your home.

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