Pepper Spray: Keeping College Students Safe - Fox & Friends Segment

We’ve all heard the numbers: 1 in 5 college women will be a victim of sexual assault on a college campus, and more than 10,000 students will be victims of burglary or aggravated assault every year.

On this segment of FOX & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks with Personal Safety Expert David Nance about one option to help students feel empowered about their personal safety – pepper spray.

SABRE Red pepper spray provides protection at a safe distance, up to 10 feet away, giving a student in trouble the chance to get away and escape to safety. If used correctly, the attacker’s eyes will automatically be forced closed.

David Nance instructs those planning to use pepper spray to do the following:

– Unlock and arm your pepper spray
– Use your thumb to spray – good firm grip & more pressure
– Give a verbal warning if you think it’s necessary, but if you feel you are in immediate danger, you are permitted to use pepper spray
– Aim for the eyes, spraying ear to ear across the attacker’s ocular area
– Side step and escape to safety

Check out SABRE Red’s YouTube channel for more informative videos, and visit to purchase your SABRE pepper spray today!


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