Pepper Spray 101 – Practice Spray

Carrying pepper spray to protect yourself at a safe distance is very practical and smart, but you don’t want the first time you ever deploy your pepper spray to be when engaging a dangerous threat or an attacker.

Law Enforcement Officers practice in their training academies multiple times removing their pepper spray from their holsters and deploying it on both static and moving targets. You can now do the same with a training and inert practice pepper spray.

If you practice with a SABRE practice spray over and over again, it allows you to gain muscle memory and familiarity with the product: how to grip it, how to aim, the proper spray technique, side-to-side, ear-to-ear across the eyes for a stream or gel .
Up-down center of the face if it’s a cone or fog delivery. You’ll see how far that actual deployment that spray reaches, and if you’ve done that multiple times with your practice spray, you’ll have the muscle memory needed. Your body will then know what to do to help you deploy the spray properly and escape to safety.

Purchasing a pepper spray to maximize your safety is both smart and practical. Getting a practice spray along with it so you’re prepared when you need to use that pepper spray against a dangerous attacker is even better. I highly recommend it.

SABRE’s Pepper Spray 101 series is part of our commitment to safety.

SABRE is the world’s largest pepper spray manufacturer, providing police-strength protection to consumers and law enforcement alike, all across the globe. For over 40 years, Sabre has been at the forefront in innovations in the personal safety category. It is how we have become the #1 trusted Pepper Spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide.

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