Own the Night with the All-New 2-In-1 PepperLight - Pepper Spray and Flashlight

Meet the PepperLight: part pepper spray, part flashlight – one complete safety solution.

From the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by consumers and law enforcement worldwide, SABRE’s newest personal safety solution is an ultra-bright flashlight and a maximum-strength pepper spray combined in one convenient package.

About SABRE 2-In-1 PepperLight:
What makes this one of the best flashlights? With the compact 750-lumen high-performance flashlight on, it is visible up to 540 feet (165 meters) and is perfect for tasks around the house, walking the dog, and camping. It’s also great in emergencies such as a power outage or changing a tire on the side of the road. Three light modes – high, low, and strobe – provide light for any situation, making it one of the brightest flashlights with pepper spray for added safety.

What does the pepper spray do? The PepperLight contains 25 pepper spray bursts (5x the competition) for protection against multiple threats. Pepper spray is deployed in a powerful stream up to 10-feet (3 meters), helping prevent wind blowback and providing protection at a safer distance from an attacker. It also contains UV marking dye to help the authorities identify an attacker after they’ve been sprayed. A rotating pepper spray head allows strategic placement on belts and in pockets for faster, immediate deployment. Made of lightweight aluminum, the PepperLight is IPX6 water-resistant rated; It can withstand the elements, so you can take it out into the rain and snow with no worries. Durable and rugged, the PepperLight can survive drops of up to 5 feet, even if it gets into a puddle or snow. The belt clip is removable to provide flexible carrying options. Refill pepper spray is available should you use your pepper spray or if it expires. Learn more: https://www.sabrered.com/pepper-spray/pepperlight-2-1-flashlight-pepper-spray

About SABRE:
As the #1 personal safety brand trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide, SABRE’s mission is to educate and empower consumers to feel safer in their everyday lives. Whether protection is needed on the go, venturing out on a hike, running errands, or going for a run – SABRE wants to help you Make It Safe®, no matter where you go, what you do, or where life takes you.
#MakeItSafe #PersonalSafetyIsPersonal

About our Formula:
With an industry exclusive in-house HPLC laboratory, only SABRE guarantees its maximum strength formulation in every canister to help give you peace of mind, certainty, reliability, and safety when you need it most. As the climate changes, so does the strength of red peppers and the effectiveness of pepper spray. That’s why SABRE tests the levels of active ingredients at each stage of the manufacturing process – from dried pepper to produced spray – to guarantee heat levels every time.

Connect with SABRE:
Website: https://www.sabrered.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sabreredpepperspray
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sabresafety/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SabreRed
Download the SABRE Personal Safety App: https://www.sabrered.com/pepper-spray/sabre-personal-safety-app


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