Noisemaker - Major Capsaicinoids

We all know how important it is to have the right tools and information to protect yourself, but the right information can be pretty hard to find with all of the noise and false claims out there.

Here’s the truth about pepper spray heat indicators:
– OC stands for oleoresin capsicum. The OC only measures the amount of pepper in the formula. It’s not a direct indicator of strength or even effectiveness. In other words, OC claims are a bunch of noise!
– SHUs, or Scoville heat units, only measure the raw pepper; just more marketing noise.
– Despite what brands and online forums would have you believe the only guaranteed measurement of pain inducing heat in pepper spray is in the Major Capsaicinoids or MCs.

MCs are the heat bearing and pain producing components of the pepper spray. MCs identify the exact heat deployed in the liquid in your canister. This is the only percentage you need to pay attention to.

Trust a brand backed by real science with the formula that provides consistent maximum heat levels for effective results.

SABRE is the world’s largest pepper spray manufacturer, providing police-strength protection to consumers and law enforcement alike, all across the globe. For over 40 years, Sabre has been at the forefront in innovations in the personal safety category. It is how we have become the #1 trusted Pepper Spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide.

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