Mini Personal Alarm with LED Light | SABRE

Aggravated assaults, kidnappings, muggins and robberies – they can happen anytime, anyplace. Economic struggles have reduced the size of many police forces throughout North America; in fact, the average response time to a 911 call in 2012 was determined to be 10 minutes!

Step 1 in keeping yourself and your family safe is to accept responsibility for your personal safety. The next step is to consider options that will help you when facing a dangerous threat. The SABRE Mini Personal Alarm with LED Light is an excellent choice. This compact, sleek design can easily be carried as a keychain, attached to a purse, backpack or handbag.

Simply remove the device from a keychain and a 110 dB alarm sounds. The SABRE Mini Personal Alarm with LED Light is audible up to 500 feet or 150 meters away. The flashing LED aims to attract help at night, or can even be used to locate important items. The loud sound can deter threats, attracting attention and bringing Good Samaritans to your aid. Protect yourself and your family with the SABRE Mini Personal Alarm with LED Light.

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