LA NOPD Unveils Body Worn Cameras for Officers 01 03 14

New Orleans PD said its officers will begin wearing new uniform cameras in the next couple of weeks.
City leaders made the announcement Friday at the NOPD Special Operations Division building. The cameras were among $2.5 million in new technology and equipment unveiled for police, fire and EMS.
New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said the department has 420 of the body-worn cameras. Three-hundred and twenty will be worn on the uniform and 100 are designed to be worn on eyeglasses. The department said the eyeglass version will primarily used by tactical and traffic officers.
NOPD has a five-year contract with the cameras’ manufacturer Taser International.
The city also announced the purchase of 350 new Tasers for the department. All are equipped with HD cameras and also cardiac-safe technology the lowers the chance that the target might suffer cardiac arrest.


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