Jack Cover Tribute by Steve Tuttle Voiceover 07 27 09

A tribute to the life of John Higson “Jack” Cover (KOH’ ver), the physicist who invented the very first TASER® conducted electrical weapon. Jack was born in New York City on April 6, 1920 & died Feb. 7, 2009 in Mission Viejo, CA. He was 88 & lived in San Clemente, CA,

He grew up mostly in Chicago, where his father was a professor of economics and his mother earned a master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Chicago. Mr. Cover later earned a B.S. and a Ph.D. in physics there. He was a scientist at North American Aviation (which later became Rockwell International), a National Aeronautics and Space Administration contractor, and he led the company’s team of researchers working on the Apollo project. Jack consulted with TASER International’s founding team in 1993-1995 to create a non-firearm version of the TASER CEW.

Tribute by Steve Tuttle, TASER International conducted at TASER’s Master Instructors School on July 7, 2009. Tuttle was a founding team member and worked with Jack.


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