How to Use Your Stun Gun - Shock and Away

Here, at SABRE, we like to say ‘Shock and Away.’ First, you’ll want to make direct contact with the stun gun to shock the attacker. Then, once the attacker has been incapacitated, get away from that situation as soon as possible. Learn how to correctly shock and get away from an attacker in this video with David Nance, CEO of SABRE and personal safety expert.

Step 4 of How to Use a Stun Gun: Shock and Away
Once you get comfortable storing, charging, and holding your stun gun, it’s time to learn how to use it. Now, identify where your safety or ‘on/off’ switch is. Next, you can activate the flashlight using either the switch or a button, depending on the model. Note that the ‘on’ mode will not activate your stun gun; to activate it, you’ll need to press the discharge button to activate the shock. For the stun gun to be effective, make direct contact with the attacker’s body. Discharge the stun gun into the aggressor’s upper hip, shoulder, or below the rib cage to provide maximum impact. A full five-second discharge can cause disorientation, loss of balance, and more. Please note that, unlike pepper spray, an attacker can recover from a stun gun shock in just a few seconds. So, once you have stopped the attacker or can escape, do so immediately and call for help. Be safe, go confidently, and trust your instincts – they’re usually right.

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