How to Use DIY Home Security Products – Home Security Options For You

Unfortunately, according to the FBI’s Crime Clock, there is one burglary every 22 seconds in the United States; that’s around 1.4 million every year. At SABRE, our goal is to help keep you and your family safer and better protected at home and away. This video will cover some things you need to know about home security.

First, what’s right for your home?
At SABRE, you can choose between a wireless home security system, which uses multiple sensors to monitor the various zones in your home from a single hub, or standalone home security products that can help secure doors, windows, and other entryways, ensuring that your home has an extra layer of protection. One major benefit is that SABRE home security products and systems install in seconds, so there are no expensive setup charges or monthly monitoring costs. These are highly effective and truly do-it-yourself home security systems that will help keep your home more secure.

Second, deter from the outside.
If there’s one thing a potential home invader doesn’t want, it’s to get caught. If you have more space outside your home, consider deterrents from the outside, like yard signs and decals and fake security cameras.

Third, secure entryways.
According to The Bureau of Justice Statistics, an open or unlocked door is how more than half of all residential burglars gain entry to a home. It’s smart to secure entryways, like your front and back door, by locking and securing them one step further with a sturdy product like a Door Security Bar or a Door Stop Alarm.

Fourth, protect from the inside.
Past deterring intruders and securing entryways, it’s smart to add a layer of protection that can alert you with an alarm in case someone does attempt to enter your home. Because doors are the main entry point to a home, Door Alarms can be a smart way to lower any chances of a break-in. The nice thing about these SABRE alarms is that they also double as both Door or Window Alarms, so you can customize them to your needs and home.

Last, pack a portable alarm.
Are you on-the-go or traveling? It can be hard to be sure who else has a key to your room or how safe the locks and deadbolts actually are. Pack something like the Door/Window Alarm or a Door Stop Alarm to easily and conveniently give your room an extra layer of security.

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