Home Security Tips This Summer - SABRE Home Series Appears on FOX 9 Minneapolis

To recognize National Home Safety Month and start a conversation about investing in your home security, Personal Safety Expert David Nance appears on FOX 9 in Minneapolis to spread the message. David shares tips on protecting your home while away on a summer vacation, recent burglary trends and SABRE’s new, affordable products from our Home Series line that can protect your home or apartment with easy DIY installation.

Here’s some more information about what products you see here:

-SABRE Yard Sign: Wan to give your home an added level of security & help deter intruders? The SABRE yard sign is an easy, inexpensive way to tell burglars your home is not an option.

– Wireless Home Protection System: An industry leader, this system is easy to install and provides door and window sensors that can secure the entire first floor of your home.

– Wireless Alarm Kit: 4 different alarms in one kit! These will also install in seconds, and in addition to providing a 120 dB alarm when triggered, these chime whenever someone comes and goes so help keep track of kids and visitors.

– Motion Sensor: This product will detect unwanted movement inside your home, and can be turned on alarm-mode when you’re on vacation or sleeping, then set to chime-mode when you are up and moving about your home.

– Door Alarm: This compact, magnetically triggered alarm sounds when opened, and comes with adhesive pads for easy installation.

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Thank you to the FOX 9 News Team for hosting SABRE and Personal Safety Expert David Nance!

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