Home Security – SABRE Home Series – Door / Window Alarm

SABRE, a leading brand in personal, professional and home security and safety products, is proud to introduce the SABRE Home Series. Consisting of three safety categories, the SABRE Home Series features a Wireless Home Protection system with ten (10) accessory options, approximately a dozen Standalone Alarms and several Personal Alarms for on-the-go protection.

With burglary rates occurring every 14.5 seconds across the country, the Home Series offers maximum security for your family at an affordable level so you can feel safe and in control while at home and or away. The Home Series is perfect for the DIYer, as the products install in seconds, require no professional installation or pricey monthly security fee.

The 120 dB SABRE Home Series – Door / Window Alarm features:

– Deters Intruders with a very loud built in alarm
– Added Convenience – Sensor can be placed on either side for easy installation & Low Battery Test Button
– Adjustable Settings – Chime mode is perfect to announce when others come/go
– Installs in Seconds – Easy to Install

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