Deter Attackers, Escape to Safety, ID Suspects – SABRE Defense ID

When it comes to personal safety, the ability to defend yourself is critical. In regions where some traditional means of self defense (like pepper spray) are not allowed, equip yourself with Defense ID.

Brought to you by SABRE, the #1 brand trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide. Defense ID consists of water, purple dye, and UV dye – it contains no pepper irritant. When sprayed directly into an attacker’s face, the purple liquid may startle and temporarily blind the assailant. This offers protection at a safe distance of up to 5 meters away, allowing you to escape to safety.

Upon contact, the dye lasts up to 48 hours, alerting others of danger, and helping authorities identify the suspect. No matter where you live, with Defense ID, you’ll be prepared to startle, identify—and even deter—an attacker.

Empower yourself to stay safe at all times with Defense ID from SABRE.

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