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For those searching for the best grab and go option for less lethal self defense, the Byrna TCR is the perfect hybrid for those wanting to increase their less-lethal capabilities in a compact and easy to shoot platform.

Perfect for both home based or vehicle based defense, the TCR is capable of shooting at speeds of over 300 feet per second and accurately engaging targets at over 75 feet.

The TCR is powered by the popular 12gr CO2 cartridge, housed in a chamber found under the side picatinny rail. Just like the Byrna SD, the CO2 cartridge remains in the chamber unpierced, until the trigger is pulled allowing for near indefinite storage.

The TCR comes with a 12 round primary magazine and a 7 round, back up magazine, which can be stored on the buttstock of the launcher, meaning you have 19 rounds ready to go, without having to search for a loose magazine.

With its compact form factor, light trigger pull, and inexpensive CO2 cartridges, the TCR is also one of the easiest launchers to shoot, making backyard training both fun and affordable.

To see how the TCR can fit into your less lethal self defense plan, click on the link below or head over to to assure that if the time comes, you are prepared to defend.


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