BYRNA SHOT SHOW 2023 RECAP | Self Defense Mall

This last week the Byrna team converged in Las Vegas for the largest gathering of firearm manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, media and law enforcement & military procurement personnel in the world at the 2023 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show… better known by those in the industry as SHOT Show. 

Joining over 2400 other vendors from all 50 states and from 115 countries around the world, Byrna’s booth stayed packed all week as over 60,000 industry insiders traversed the nearly 14 miles of isles covering 800,000 square feet of expo space. 

This of course was after spending a day at the range with media from around the world who got an opportunity to demo all of Byrna’s less-lethal offerings including the brand new 12 gauge kinetic round which took the show by storm and was featured as one of the four top products at range day by PoliceOne. 

Finally, Byrna’s participation at SHOT Show was elevated with the grand opening of our retail experience center in Vegas which allowed VIPS to get a visceral understanding of Byrna’s mission and vision of what’s to come.  

See you at SHOT Show 2024!


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