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Wether you’re looking for the ultimate option in less-lethal home defense, an accurate training platform, or the best time for backyard recreation, then Byrna has you covered with the Mission 4, the most powerful and capable launcher in the Byrna arsenal.

Utilizing the popular AR style pattern, the Mission 4 is powered by an 88 gram CO2 cartridge that is housed inside the butt stock and is capable of firing 60 rounds per cartridge at over 300 feet per second and at a range of 175 feet.

The mission 4 comes with 2, 19 round magazines that can be coupled together, allowing you to keep 38 rounds on the launcher, ready at any moment. The contrasting colored magazines also means that if you decide to keep different round types in each of the mags, its easy to distinguish the magazines for quick selection in a dynamic environment.

This mission 4’s identical pattern to its firearm counterpart means training with it has never been easier. With no recoil, loud report, and the stress of being on a busy range to worry about; even novice shooters and kids can learn to handle weapons in a safe and effective environment, all from the comfort of their backyard and at a fraction of the cost.


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