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One of the great things about the Byrna HD and SD is their similarity to a standard semi automatic pistol, which means training with them is very similar to training with their firearm counter part.

One of the most important fundamentals to effectively deploying the Byrna SD and handguns alike, is your grip. The goal of our grip should be to cover as much surface area on the weapon as we can with out hands. We are going to start by taking our dominant hand, in this case lark’s right hand, and placing the webbing of her hand as high up on the back-strap as possible before wrapping her fingers around the grip.

Next we’re going to take our support hand, in her case, her left hand and try to fill the gap on the grip made by your dominant hand, with her fingers over the fingers of her strong hand. Her thumbs should be resting along side the weapon and the backs of her hands should be touching on the back-strap of the launcher.

We shouldn’t see the thumbs crossed on the back of the launcher and we shouldn’t see the support hand “tea cupping” the bottom of the grip. Neither of these grips will give you nearly as much control and stability.


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