Portable solar power is one of the most influential inventions of our time. It’s more eco-friendly than virtually any other energy source, can be taken virtually anywhere, and only needs sunlight to give you all the electricity you need.

RVers have used folding solar panels for several years, allowing them to skip using campground hookups or loud generators. You can boondock off the grid while still enjoying a few modern conveniences.

You’re missing out on a tremendous resource if you don’t have a portable solar panel as part of your emergency home supplies kit. This technology provides several advantages that you can’t get from other investments.

Why Choose a Portable Solar Panel for Emergency Needs?

Several solar panel designs are available to use at home for emergencies, but the best choice is a 100W folding portable option. Here’s why it is the best choice.

1. No Wires or Holes

A portable solar panel requires virtually zero effort to set up for energy creation. It is lightweight and compact, allowing you to place it in a convenient space so that you have power access in virtually any situation. To enjoy this convenience, you don’t need to run wires through your roof or drill holes in your home.

2. Power in the Shade

A solar installation might not be suitable for your property if you have shady areas over your home’s roof. With a portable panel, you can shift its location to wherever the sunlight strikes it. That means you can generate energy throughout the day for your various needs.

3. Space-Efficient Design

Most homes don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to emergency kits and supplies. A folding solar panel gives you a minimal profile that can go inside a cabinet, under your bed, or on a shelf when it isn’t in use. This size benefit means a home the size of a camper van can still enjoy energy access while exploring remote areas, so it can certainly work for homeowners facing emergency power outages.

4. Effortless Maintenance

Portable solar panels require almost zero maintenance to continue functioning. You could install rooftop options at a greater expense to generate more power, but then you’d be on the roof, wiping dirt and snow off consistently to keep them working.

If you need to clean the portable panels, a simple wipe is all that is necessary before storage or putting the technology to work.

5. It Moves with You

When life says it’s time to write a new chapter, you might need to sell your home and move to a new community. Permanent solar panels add equity to your property but aren’t a resource that comes along for the ride. Instead of investing in that solution for emergency power, a foldable and portable option lets you maintain your setup so that your money can go into more supplies.

Even a small amount of power during an emergency is helpful for charging phones, tablets, computers, and other essential electronics. Portable solar panels offer a small investment today that can generate numerous returns when you need them the most.