Everybody deserves to be safe. As adults age, their bodies don’t react or respond the same way as in the past. That means the fears of a physical attack can rise because seniors are often seen as potential targets. Instead of allowing a mugger or attacker to do whatever they want, you can take charge of the situation by implementing a critical self-defense strategy. Here are some options to consider.

1. Take Kung Fu or Aikido Classes

Most people think about taekwondo or karate when picturing the martial arts, but there are numerous options out there to try. Kung fu and aikido use the attacker’s strength against them, allowing you to have a direct opportunity for self-protection. Kung fu uses open-handed striking, focusing on power and speed. Aikido works to balance the mind, body, and spirit with smooth movements.

2. Use a Personal Alarm

Attackers try to take advantage of the elderly because they seem to be quick and easy targets. They can accomplish their goals without anyone in the surrounding area seeing them. If you keep a personal alarm in a pocket or purse, you’ll create a lot of commotion that will drive most would-be assailants away. Even a whistle can be a way to draw attention to yourself if someone is trying to cause some trouble.

3. Own a Stun Gun

The best stun guns provide an up-close method of self-defense when you feel a physical attack could happen. You press the unit into the attacker and allow the voltage to do the work for you. Several designs are available today so that it doesn’t look like you’re carrying this self-defense tool, including ones that look like cell phones. The goal is to have the prongs of your stun gun reach the attacker’s skin. Once deployed, the voltage incapacitates the assailant so that you can get away.

4. Have Pepper Spray Available

Pepper spray products come in several different containers and formulation options today. If you feel more comfortable with a pistol-style grip, then the Pepper Gun 2.0 is a great option to consider. You can deliver a steady stream or a short burst to the face of an attacker, creating uncomfortable physical symptoms that stop them immediately. You can choose from gels, shots, and fogger-style pepper spray deployment options to fit your current and future needs.

5. Take a Self-Defense Class

When you learn self-defense techniques with others, it is much easier to get involved in the development process. Some things are tough to practice alone, so having someone available to work with to perfect your new moves is helpful. An instructor can guide you through the steps of each technique to ensure it is done safely. These courses are an excellent opportunity to add a social dynamic to your daily routine. Self-defense options for seniors take a practical path toward success. Whether you prefer a hands-on method, carry a stun gun, or use pepper spray, these options can all keep you safe while going about your day.