Throwing Stars

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Throwing stars go far beyond simply looking cool. While you might see them as a framed or as a decorative object, they are a serious self-defense tool. They were typically used in Japanese culture as a method of slowing down or disabling a potential attacker.

Their relatively small blades mean they’re rarely used for lethal means, but they are certainly still a dangerous weapon.

Can You Really Use Throwing Stars for Self-Defense?
Throwing Stars Metal

We’ve all seen throwing stars in movies and most of us think ninja throwing stars metal are only used in movies. But, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. They were actually used in guerilla warfare within Japan.

They would even be used in more ways than simply throwing them. For guerilla warfare, some would bury ninja throwing stars metal in the ground to maim opponents as they attacked.

In the modern-day, this can still be an effective self-defense weapon. The relatively small blade makes them an effective weapon for subduing an attacker. With more than one blade, they’re also easier to use than a typical throwing knife. While they still require plenty of practice to accurately use, in the right hands, a throwing knife can be all that is needed for self-defense.