Telescopic Steel Batons

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Telescopic Steel Baton, or collapsible batons, are one of the classic law enforcement weapons seen on almost any law enforcement agent in the field. Its small size when collapsed but strong power makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a self-defense weapon they can always carry with them without drawing attention. Telescopic Steel Batons have nearly 200 years of history as effective and easy-to-use self-defense weapons.

How do You Use a Telescopic Steel Baton?
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While the name might sound confusing, a telescopic steel baton is exceptionally easy to use. When stored away, it collapses into a small piece of metal you could easily fit into a pocket or purse. This makes a collapsible steel baton for self defense versatile in where and how you store it. You never need to worry about it accidentally triggering like pepper spray or a stun gun, so you can store it as loosely or firmly as you want.

Once you need to use your collapsible steel baton for self defense, simply strike it outwards forcing the metal to extend outward. This gives you a relatively long-range weapon to defend yourself with. Once extended, our largest baton reaches nearly two feet in length. This is the same length most law enforcement officials use so you know it can get the job done. Made entirely out of steel, these batons pack a punch.