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Telescopic Steel Baton | LED Light Attachment


Telescopic Steel Baton, or collapsible batons, are one of the classic law enforcement weapons seen on almost any law enforcement agent in the field. Its small size when collapsed but strong power makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a self-defense weapon they can always carry with them without drawing attention. Telescopic Steel Batons have nearly 200 years of history as effective and easy-to-use self-defense weapons.

How do You Use a Telescopic Steel Baton?
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While the name might sound confusing, a telescopic steel baton is exceptionally easy to use. When stored away, it collapses into a small piece of metal you could easily fit into a pocket or purse. This makes a collapsible steel baton for self defense versatile in where and how you store it. You never need to worry about it accidentally triggering like pepper spray or a stun gun, so you can store it as loosely or firmly as you want.

Once you need to use your collapsible steel baton for self defense, simply strike it outwards forcing the metal to extend outward. This gives you a relatively long-range weapon to defend yourself with. Once extended, our largest baton reaches nearly two feet in length. This is the same length most law enforcement officials use so you know it can get the job done. Made entirely out of steel, these batons pack a punch.

Why You Need a Telescopic Steel Baton in Your Life?

In the world where we live every day, there is new news about mass shootings, robberies, murders, and whatnot. This is not specific to any state one country; it is seen that everywhere the rate of criminal acts has increased massively.  

When it comes to such attacks, there are very few things that a person can do to protect themselves. Therefore, it has now become a necessity to carry some protective gear or tools with you. Many different kinds of self-defense weapons are found in the market and can be carried easily whenever you go out. It will help you get away from any dangerous situations and will also give you a sense of security. In this article, we will be learning about the Telescopic Steel Batons and all their benefits of it as a self-defense weapon.

What are Telescopic Steel Batons?

When you pick self-defense weapons, there are many options: shotguns, handguns, pocket knives, and countless other choices. However, a few of them can be bulky and heavy to carry; others might need a legal permit to carry, training before use, and many other things. But when we talk about the Telescopic Steel Batons, they are the most popular and convenient.

The Telescopic Steel Batons, also known as the collapsible batons, are lightweight and very easy to use. They are very effective weapons for protecting yourself during a threatening situation. The Telescopic Steel Batons are one of the essential tools in an officer’s tool kit since this weapon has many benefits and it’s not as lethal as the other weapons. The best thing about these Telescopic Steel Batons is that the closing and opening of these batons are very seamless, giving them a sleek look.

How to Use the Telescopic Steel Batons?

If you want to use the Telescopic Steel Batons, you must know how to use them. When you want to use this baton, all you need to do is strike the baton outwards with a force that will cause the metal to extend outward. Due to inertia and force, the metal will come out quickly without extra effort.

When the entire shaft of the baton is opened or extended, it automatically locks it in place so it does not go in while used. If you want to collapse the Telescopic Steel Baton, you must press a button, and the extended metal will return to its original place. Hence, using these batons is pretty straightforward, and there is no need for special training.

Benefits of the Telescopic Steel Batons:

There are many pros to using Telescopic Steel Batons than any other weapon for self-defense. Hence, the following are some advantages you can get from these batons.

Easy to Carry:

The first and most significant advantage of the Telescopic Steel Batons is that they are very cumbersome. They are lightweight, and you can carry them anywhere at any time. The best thing about the collapsible batons is that since they collapse into a smaller size, you can fit them in almost every bag.

Easily Concealed:

No one wants other people to know they are carrying a self-defense weapon. The Telescopic Steel Batons do just the right job. Since it is compact, you can easily keep it under the things in your bag, and if you are in a dangerous situation, you can have an element of surprise. This will not let the attacker have a chance to disarm you, and you can have more probability of surviving the attack.

Safe to Carry:

Another great benefit of these Telescopic Steel Batons is that they are safe to carry. You have zero chance of activating it like a prepper spray or a stun gun. You can easily store them in your bag, and you won’t get harmed by this weapon.

No Training or Permit is Needed:  

When you get a weapon, you must know how to use it because it can be dangerous for yourself and others. For instance, if you have shotguns and other things, you need proper training and a legal permit before taking them out in public. Regarding Telescopic Steel Batons, you don’t need any training or a permit. You can easily use them in a desperate and dangerous situation.

Effective Force:

Some people need to pay more attention to the power and force these Telescopic Steel Batons can use. People might think that the batons won’t do any harm because they are very petite, and they might not look threatening. But people don’t know that the force from these batons is potent and forceful. If you hit it with force, it can hurt the person and cause much damage. Another great thing about the Telescopic Steel Batons is that since they are long and thin, they can reach places where guns and knives won’t change.

Self Defense Mall- The Best Place to Get the Telescopic Steel Batons:

Now that you know all the benefits of Telescopic Steel Batons, are you curious to find the place that sells the highest quality and sturdy Telescopic Steel Batons? Then look no further.

Self Defense Mall is one of the best self-defense tools and weapons providers. They not only have good quality Self Defense Mall, but they also have other types of self-defense things such as knives, pepper spray, cameras, and many other things.

Their Self Defense Mall is one of the best that you can find in the market. The length of these batons is nearly two feet, the same length law officer’s use. Besides this, they are easy to use and fit perfectly in every bag. Therefore, this is the best place to get the Telescopic Steel Batons for yourself.


We all know that every alley and dark street in this wild world can make you uncomfortable. Even if someone is behind you, that person’s steps can be alarming; therefore, having some self-defense weapon can make you a bit comfortable in such cases. Telescopic Steel Batons are one of the best weapons that can be used for self-defense in dangerous situations.

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