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Survival Food & Emergency Food Storage

Survival Food & Emergency

When stuck in an emergency situation, food becomes a top priority. But, when we’re used to running down to the grocery store whenever we need food, what do we do when that is not an option? If you’re prepared, you’ll have survival and emergency food ready to go.

Survival, emergency, and camping food typically include freeze-dried and dehydrated meats, fruit, and vegetables. Freeze-drying and dehydrating food extends its shelf life almost indefinitely allowing you to stock up in case of an emergency event such as a hurricane or nuclear fallout. While these types of food might not taste as good as freshly grilled steak or roasted potatoes, they could save your life.

Whether you’re preparing for your next camping trip or stocking a doomsday bunker, Readywise and Simple Kitchen make food products you can depend on. From dehydrated fruit bags and camping pouches to full emergency kits and grab ‘n go buckets, Self Defense Mall has the emergency food you need to survive any situation. You can even restock your survival food supplies after any emergency events with Readywise’s stock-up kits.

Always stay prepared with Self Defense Mall’s comprehensive array of emergency food supplies and storage solutions so you always have food available in any emergency situation.

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