Pepper Sprays

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Pepper sprays are one of the easiest-to-use self-defense products on the market today. You simply point it at your target and spray. This emits a strong chemical that can incapacitate your target by causing temporary blindness and difficulty breathing.

Even with its effectiveness, it’s also a relatively safe product using the same chemical that causes a burning sensation when cutting jalapeños. And, if you’re worried about using pepper spray for the first time, you can get a practice can that sprays water so you can get a better feel for the product.

The Difference Between Pepper Sprays and Pepper Shot
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When choosing the right pepper spray product for you, first choose between a pepper spray and a pepper shot gun. Both operate in pretty similar ways offering an easy-to-use self-defense solution that’s always handy. You can store either of these products right at your doorway or conveniently in your car so it’s always with you.

Pepper spray is the typical product you think of. It sprays out a stream of the chemical that makes peppers hot to incapacitate whoever you spray it at. The chemical causes intense irritation in the eyes giving you time to run away to a safe location.

A pepper shot offers a more effective alternative to most pepper spray products. In addition to causing intense eye irritation, it irritates mucous membranes to make breathing more difficult. And it swells the eyes forcing them closed.

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