Animal Repellents

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Animal repellents offer an immediate solution to any threatening situations with dogs, bears, or other aggressive animals. They use specialized chemicals that meet EPA regulations intended to subdue an animal without causing prolonged harm to the animal. Keeping animal repellent spray on you gives you a humane defense against aggressive dogs or bears. Have questions about using Bear Repellent Spray, see our Bear Spray FAQ section.

When Should I Bring Animal Repellents With Me?
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Anytime you go outside, animal repellent spray could come in handy. While you might not need bear repellent spray if you live in the city, you can encounter an aggressive dog anywhere you go. Whether you’re going on your routine nightly walk or spending the day in a park, aggressive dogs can come out of anywhere. Hiking on a highly populated trail can also come with the risk of seeing an aggressive, unleashed dog. Whether it’s just a nightly routine or a full-day event, anytime you hike, walk, or run in a populated area, you should always carry canine animal repellent and dog repellent spray.

As for bear repellent spray, your main risks are when you’re in less populated areas or localities that have had recent bear spottings. Anytime you go on a remote hike or plan a camping trip, you risk seeing a bear almost anywhere in the united states. Hunting and fishing also come with bear risks as those bears might be looking for the same animals as you.

Never risk an animal attack again by carrying the appropriate animal repellent with you at all times.